Wheel distance measurement unit for railway and tram


For the measurement of the wheel distance, we developed a new measuring device which is simple to use and guarantees a high accuracy. Due to its low weight (CFK-light weight construction), robust and user-friendly design, the measuring unit is easy to handle and can be easily used by one person – measurement is carried out in less than one minute including attaching and removing the unit.

  • Measurement area from 1355 mm to 1365 mm (or customized)
  • All dimensions in mm or inches
  • Length: 1500 mm
  • Low weight: 1100 g
  • Systematic error: ± 50 µm
  • Repeatability/Precision: ± 20 µm     
  • Temperature range: -10°C to + 50°C
  • Integrated temperature measurement and expansion compensation
  • Material: stainless steel and carbon fibre                                           
  • Robust hand-held computer Psion Workabout Pro with touch screen, colour display, protection class IP 65 - can withstand 26 falls onto smooth concrete surfaces from 1,5 meters
  • Allows input of tester name, job number, notes, vehicle- and chassis number; vehicle running performance (mileage), notes and signature (touchscreen)
  • Data transfer possible into Pdf, Excel, or Mdb format
  • Electronic self-test of the mechanical gauge
  • Reviews maximum/minimum value: acoustic and optical signal triggered if measurement over/under runs limit value
  • Handheld can be used combined with the Door-Closing-Force gauge
  • Measuring process can be interrupted and be restarted later. Flexible time and work organization
  • Memory for 1000 vehicle measurements
  • Measurement log to be viewed on handheld or PC
  • According to technical specification "Locomotives and passenger rolling stock"(2011/291/EU)

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