Door-closing force measurement device DC700N


Electronic system for measuring and evaluating the closing force of  railway, tram and bus doors. Including  spacer for different doorways.


According to DIN EN 14752:2015

  • Measuring range: 50 N to 700 N, Force level 1: Standard doors ( Max. 400 N), Force level 2:  for high traffic density (Max 600 N)
  • Measuring accuracy: Forces up to 100 N: ± 3 N, Forces higher than 100N: ± 3 % from value
  • Spacer for different doorways with quick-release mechanism for quick adaption (opening width: 50, 100, 200, 300, 500 mm and on requirement)
  • Robust hand-held computer Psion Workabout Pro with colour display, protection class IP 65 - can withstand 26 falls onto smooth concrete surfaces from 1,5 meters
  • Allows input of tester name, job number, vehicle number, vehicle running performance (mileage), notes, signature (touchscreen), number of doors, door name and door type with the corresponding limit values
  • Display of peak force (Fp), duration of closing procedure (tpeak) and lag of the door´s reversing (trev). Optical and acoustic signals if critical value is exceeded
  • Special measurement for doors with an temporary force impulse at the beginning of closing process
  • Measuring process can be interrupted and be restarted later
  • The measurement report can be viewed directly after a vehicle measurement on the handheld computer
  • Display of measurement data from the last measurement (LM)
  • Data transfer into PDF, Excel or Mdb-format
  • Display of the closing curve diagrams in the measurement protocol possible
  • Multiple usage of the handheld computer - e.g. door closing force measurement device DIN EN 14752:2005, wheel and wheel distance measurement
  • New: Measurement rods 1 to 5 according to DIN EN 14752:2015